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The COVID-19 Pandemic has greatly affected business in the Philippines.

We are here to help you to keep your business moving forward during the pandemic.

We can help you in developing your Workplace Policy and Program on COVID-19 Prevention and Control. 

Beginning of the NEW NORMAL

Employers are encouraged to adopt a hybrid way of doing things in the workplace as a result of the ongoing global pandemic – COVID-19. Your business' primary intention should be to prevent COVID-19 in your workplace and with this program, you can protect the health of your employees, maintain a safe workplace, and continue your business.

What should you consider in adapting to the NEW NORMAL?

  • Current State Assessment

  • "Healthy Workplace Framework"

  • Safety Committee

  • Migration Strategy

  • Preventive Strategies

  • Guidelines for Employee Entry, Inside the Workplace, Business Travel, Contact Tracing, etc.

  • What to do with employees with symptoms?

There are other business aspects and HR facets that will be affected by the NEW NORMAL. Divergence HR Consulting Group Philippines can help you in developing your Workplace Policy and Program on COVID-19 Prevention and Control.

Let us know your challenges and our HR consultants would be happy to help.

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