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Our HR Retainer Service provides organization with the support and confidence they need to stay with the mission and vision of the company.


This also allows the company to focus on conceptualizing  business strategy, provide operational directions,  and develop business leverage. 


We provide  the expertise and services of a dedicated HR Business Partner  without employing a full time direct employee.  This is a cost effective scheme without the burden of additional labor cost.

Divergence HR Consulting Philippines provides the following services but not limited to client’s requirement after assessment of needs:

• Transitional and/or Intermediate HR Consultation
• Site visit as needed
• HR Communication Support
• Recruitment and Selection Support
• Advise on Labor Law Compliances
• Employee Counseling
• HR Administrative Support
• Labor Relations Support
• Coaching and Mentoring Support
• Benefits Management and Administration Support
• HR Policy Advice

What’s In It For The Company?

• Responsive people support from dedicated and qualified HR practitioners
• Access to a seasoned HR practitioner without adding headcount
• Opinion on HR and related compliance matters
• Consistent and reliable HR support at a reasonable cost
• Cost predictability


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