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At Divergence HR Consulting Group Philippines, our commitment extends beyond being just an HR Consultant in the Philippines. We also specialize in Executive Search in the Philippines and are known as the Top Recruitment Agency in Manila.


For those seeking Philippines IT Recruitment, we are your dedicated Headhunters in the Philippines.


Our passion is developing talents to enhance their performance. We've curated a team of Subject Training Champions (STC) with over a decade of experience in their respective areas of expertise. This collective wisdom allows us to offer a systematic process for customizing training and development projects. Our services encompass, but are not limited to:

  • Training Needs Analysis: Identifying areas for skill development.

  • Training and Development: Nurturing and enhancing your team's capabilities.

  • In-House Training: Tailored training within your organization.

  • Skills Training: Focusing on specific skills enhancement.

  • Training Plan Development: Crafting a roadmap for skill development.


Before commencing any training or development activity, we engage in a follow-up review strategy with the client to ensure alignment with your objectives. Additionally, we conduct post-training skills assessments to measure the effectiveness of our training.


With Divergence HR Consulting Group Philippines, you're not just getting an HR Outsourcing in the Philippines service, but a comprehensive partner that invests in your workforce's development. Contact us now to explore how we can propel your team's performance to new heights.

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