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Talent Management includes all activities that attract, align, develop and retain the people who you need now and into the future to enable the continued success of your organisation. This includes looking strategically at where the organisation is going and aligning all talent management practices to the vision and values of the organisation.

The challenge is to create conditions within which people are willing and able to do the work because they want to. Productivity will increase once the focus and outcomes are clear to all in the organization. Leadership is not only looking after the interests of the shareholder, it is a case of empowering people. The biggest obstacle leaders and managers face today is no longer attracting financial capital, but intellectual and emotional capital (EQ). Leadership is all about people, and if you're going to lead people you have to care about them.

Divergence HR Consulting Group Philippines is focused on developing and building the potential and possibilities of your organization, team and individual employees. We aimed at improving performance, alignment to company direction, improve engagement and commitment, and retain the best people for your organization.

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