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Every organization considers its employees to be its most valuable resource. As a result, the company is committed to identifying and implementing strategies that will allow for the retention of a highly competent workforce. An Exit Interview is a powerful tool that allows organizations to gain an understanding as to why people leave – what they liked and what they did not like about their employment with the Company. Having an effective exit interview process will enable the organization to gain an insights and opportunity to improve management/ employment practices accordingly. Moreover, Exit Interviews capture ideas for improvement while promoting positive interaction with departing employees. Analysis of results and related statistical reports created from exit interviews provide opportunities for the organization to develop actions that can encourage reduction in turnover rates, improve employee morale, and strengthen employee retention.

The use of Exit Interviews as a tool for gathering information regarding the experience of employees leaving the organization is critical in the development and implementation of recruitment and retention strategies.

At Divergence HR Consulting Philippines, we offer Exit Interview Services, which enable organizations to accurately measure why its employees are leaving.

It is intended to help management understand the full scope of reasons behind a voluntary separation, or provide an opportunity for understanding and expression of concerns caused by involuntary separations.

Our Objective

  • Create an environment or atmosphere that encourages the expression of forthright opinions about the company, its leadership, its management practices, co-employees, culture, business ethics, remuneration and the job itself.

• Elicit and analyze response
• Enabling the organization to develop retention strategies and intensify employee engagement programs
• Discover the employees reason for leaving
• Allow departing employees to have a voice about what their work experience was like
• Explore areas of the departing employee’s most serious concerns, and record details of what they enjoyed most
• Chance for departing employees to give constructive feedback, and to leave on a positive note, with good relations and mutual respect

Our Method

Effective exit interviews should be structured to ensure that all important issues are covered and typically include both specific and open-ended questions.

The format enables the interviewer to collect job-related details along with more general feedback and opinions. Exit interviews usually include certain standard lines of questioning with appropriate follow-up questions based on the employee's responses. Divergence HR Consulting Philippines will handle and manage the exit interview for the company.

Questions are customized to target specific challenges and /or problem areas your organization may have previously encountered The format of the questions can range from a combination of open-ended questions, ranking / rating system, multiple choice or any format in accordance with the client’s specifications. Interview questions typically focus on the employee and his / her reason for leaving, satisfaction on several aspects of the organization and any changes he /she would make in the organization. Completed Exit Interview Questionnaires will be delivered to the client within 24 – 48 hours of the interview. Aggregated reports, trend analysis, and departmental / divisional tracking can be completed monthly, quarterly or annually. We will also include our recommendations based on these findings.


What’s In It for the Client?

More time for HR Division / Department to focus on enhancing retention programs and engagement activities for employees
Gain deeper understanding of the drivers of turnover yielding loss in the future and; immediately identify problem areas before they have further destructive impact in business success.

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