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Business Continuity Plan in the Philippines - Remote Work

Are you implementing a business continuity plan through Remote Work or Work From Home?

One of the most important things when implementing a business continuity plan is to ensure that the policies and procedures are clearly documented.

With the situation right now, it would be safe to assume that "remote work" will become the "new normal". If possible, your business should be able to accommodate this to mitigate the negative business impact of crisis, emergencies, calamities, and other matters beyond our control.

Below is a sample template that you can use:


Remote Work Policy is a flexible work arrangement offered by [COMPANY NAME] whereby employees are allowed to work remotely from home or any authorized remote locations provided that they comply with the general terms on work schedules and company policies and procedures. This arrangement will be applicable to the following positions:

  • [Insert Positions]

This will be implemented from __________________ to _________________.

Below are the guidelines regarding the company’s work from home policy:

  • To be eligible for this, employees shall have their own computers and stable internet connection at home.

  • Employees who do not have sufficient technology resources to perform tasks at home will not be allowed to work remotely, therefore, if the employee cannot report for work, leave application process shall be observed.

  • The Remote Work terms (dates covered, daily schedule, and designated location) shall be based on the official approval and communication of the Management. Absence of approval will mean that the Remote Work arrangement is not authorized; therefore, the necessary deductions and disciplinary action may be applied.

  • The Employee’s work schedule shall be similar to the standard working hours when he/she is in the office, unless, the Management has communicated otherwise.

  • The Company has the right to require the installation of any software or work tool to be able to work remotely.

  • Below are the tools to be used:

    • Company Email

    • Skype/Viber Chat

  • Employees shall use the recommended tools at all times when working remotely.

  • Employees shall comply with the rules regarding the use of the software.

  • Employees shall comply with the Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement while on Remote Work status.

  • Lost man-hours and unverified work hours will not be paid.

  • Employees are expected to be online on communication tools (SMS, email, chat, and other platforms) during work hours. Failure to log-in or respond in a timely manner will be subject to appropriate action.

  • The Company has the right to modify work schedules and update this policy based on business exigencies.

  • All Company Rules and Regulation are fully enforced during the Remote Work period.

Outlined above are the terms and conditions for Remote Work Policy in [COMPANY NAME], as agreed upon by the participating employee named above, his/her supervisor, and the Management. A copy of this agreement shall be kept on file with the employee’s supervisor and Human Resources Department.

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